Vehicle Front Seat Pet Net Barrier

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  • Durable see through net, keeps dogs at the back seat, pet’s claws won’t get caught.
  • Large block area
  • Easy to install
  • Metal poles at the top to hold the barrier against pushes.
  • Console area blockage.

Product Description

The NAC&ZAC Pet Net Barrier can keep your pets at the back seat and make your driving safe.

The barrier is made of see through net, you can easily look back. And is easy to install with the hooks and adjustable strips, you can choose to attach it either to the handles above the door or the front seat headrests.

It blocks the space between the driver and passenger’s headrests, and we have added a metal pole at the top in the enhanced version to hold the barrier against pets’ pushing. And to stop small sized pets getting through the console area, we have also added two extra strips at the central bottom to block this area.

Our barrier is installed with hooks, the hooks at top can be attached to either the handles above the bucket seat or the headrest rods, and the hooks at the bottom can be attached to fixtures under your bucket seats or the seatbelt fixtures. Please make sure there are fixtures in your vehicles to attach the hooks before you place your order.

Each package includes one pet net, 3 metal poles, 6 hooks, and one handy bag.

– Large: 46” Width X 37” Height. (Fit Large Vehicles with Interior wider than 46”)
– Small: 39” Width X 37” Height. (Fit Vehicles with Interior narrower than 46”)

Installation Guide:

NAC&ZAC Pet Barrier Installation Guide

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